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Transportation Management

Transportation Management from our website will allow you to download all of your shipments, whether they be in the realm of Exhibit Shipping, Art Shipping or Air Freight Transportation.  Our Transportation Management site will also allow you to upload all of your images of your exhibit properties and booth components for ease of selecting what properties will go to each different show. 

This web based transportation management tool will aid you as a
transportation manager to upload and track in one location all of your
shipping expenses.  I.e. Show costs, travel expense, labor, entertainment
and any other category you would like to budget.  This Transportation
Management tool will provide for you the options to include any upper
management staff, service rep staff and accounting personal to view these expense with the simplest of browsing techniques. 

You can track multiple shipments, so whether you are just shipping to a few locations per year or to hundreds.  This tool will allow you to manage all of them with simplicity.  It will free up a considerable amount of time for you to spend time on the many other responsibilities you manage every day. 


Have you ever wanted to know exactly what booth components, or what High Value Products are in what location on any given day.  Our Transportation Management tools will allow you to do just that.  It will help you and your field representatives know exactly what they are receiving and where they might obtain it if it is in need to be shipped.

Let us explain to you personally how this Transportation Management tool will work for you.


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